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Do you dream of a winter trip with snow-covered mountains, dancing northern lights and clear starry nights?

Lanullva Drømmer du om vintertur med snødekte fjell, dansende nordlys og klare stjernenetter?

Our ambassador, Oda Ramsdal, has completed both the Norge på langs and the Femund race. Learn how she dresses for great experiences in the winter mountains, even when the weather isn't looking its best.

Windy trip across the plain

The wind pushes us backwards and it is difficult to breathe. Through the thick drifts of snow, I can barely make out the silhouette of my traveling companion. She shouts something, but her words are drowned in the wind. Then I realize what's happening - her lead dogs are about to turn.

I make eye contact with my own little duo, and we fight our way forward. The sight of my two four-legged friends who are not affected by the wind impresses me. They put themselves in the harness with enthusiasm and willingness to work, and I know that we have everything we need to get by in the sled.

A familiar and dear feeling creeps in – namely the feeling of mastery.

Several generations of Lanullva

During the trip over Hardangervidda, the days eventually became sunny, but with a cold draft in the air, sub-zero temperatures and varying levels of activity, the body temperature changed rapidly. Then there is only one thing that helps: wool, wool and more wool!

Fortunately, we had several generations of woolen clothes from Lanullva with us in the sleds. We found out that the oldest jersey on the tour was in its sixth touring season.

Layer upon layer of wool is gold

In activity, I wear a layer of jersey and stilongs in Havbris. If it's really cold, I combine it with several thin layers or switch to Hustadvika. As a girl, I also swear by Lanullva's wool boxer, which provides extra insulation around the hips and thighs. It is good to wear as an inner layer or on top of a thin style long.

However, it is important not to dress too warmly when you are moving, as sweating quickly means cold. However, I rarely experience that Lanullva's woolen clothes get wet or clammy in the same way as other types. Recently learned that this is due to the unique knitting method of Lanullva. It enhances wool's natural properties, and gives wool clothes that breathe and insulate even better! How cool is that?

Tent pitch = Hustadvika

When the tent is pitched and the cold pit dug, I move to Hustadvika. Then I have a new, dry woolen cloth on the inside against the skin, and pull the used, perhaps slightly damp set from the working day on top. If you do this while the woolen clothes still have heat from the body, you often manage to dry the used woolen clothes until the next morning. Then you don't have to start a new day with wet clothes.

Other tips for staying warm on a winter trip

  • Wear windproof layers on the outside (shell jacket, shell trousers and wind mittens).
  • Outer garments should be slightly large so that you have room for enough clothes underneath. Air between garments insulates and provides better warmth.
  • Have extra warm clothes for breaks and the tent pitch easily accessible. Preferably a down jacket that you can wear over the shell clothes.
  • Use wool completely, all the way inside: both wool boxers and wool bras.
  • Wear a hat, buff and woolen mittens, even when you sleep.
  • Have plenty of room for both thin socks and woolen socks/cart tanks inside your shoes. There must also be room for air, otherwise you will get cold feet no matter how many socks you wear.
  • Invest in a good and warm enough sleeping bag.
  • Sleeping mat that insulates well. I combine an inflatable with a foam sleeping pad. The foam provides extra insulation, protects against dog claws and can be used to sit on during breaks.
  • Bring camp shoes for walks around the tent. Down slippers, thick socks or wool socks in foot bags are nice and warm.
  • Make a hot water bottle out of your drinking bottle (given that it can withstand boiling water and is tight). Put on boiling water, wrap it in a woolen sock and put it in the sleeping bag.
  • A small brush (e.g. shoe brush) to remove snow from the inner tent, clothes and other equipment are also fine to bring. The snow you drag into the tent will melt and your things will get wet and cold.
Last but not least: Before crawling into the alluring sleeping bag, you should take a trip outside to empty your bladder and take a few laps around the tent to warm up your body. If the desire to go outside is deep inside, my experience suggests that trips to the pee often come with the most beautiful northern lights and the clearest starry sky.
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