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Allergy-friendly wool

Lanullva Allergivennlig ull

Breathable and gentle woolen clothes for sensitive skin

Several studies show that merino wool can be soothing for you with sensitive skin or atopic eczema. Combined with our airy knitting method, you get woolen clothing with the world's best heat regulation.

Choose soft and airy clothes

For those with sensitive skin or atopic eczema, it is important to keep the skin dry, as heat and sweat provoke itching and rashes. Therefore recommend LHL Asthma and Allergy soft, light and airy clothes that breathe well.

Lanullva's unique knitting method together with merino wool's natural properties give woolen clothes with precisely these properties:

Breathable knitting method that keeps you dry and warm

Our knitting method provides better heat regulation, and ensures that sweat and moisture are transported away from the skin. The secret is masks with air pockets that give our garments good insulation and ventilation. Lanullva thus takes better care of the heat you already have, while the wool breathes and releases excess heat that would otherwise make you wet and cold. This is how we keep you warm regardless of the temperature and activity level.

Soft and scratch-free merino wool

We use Nativa certified merino wool. This wool has thin, fine wool fibers that feel soft against the skin. In addition to being non-itchy, merino wool has high insulating properties, antibacterial properties and is largely self-cleaning. Our knitting method enhances merino wool's natural properties, and the result is wool clothing that is comfortable to wear and stays drier during activity.

Soothing effect on eczema

We receive several feedbacks from satisfied customers who say that Lanullva's woolen clothes can be used by both adults and children with sensitive skin or atopic eczema.

Several studies show that merino wool can be soothing for this group. In 2017, ' Australian  Wool Innovation ' a study with superfine merino wool, and the results show a decrease in the severity and less symptoms of atopic eczema in the participants. It is wool's ability to regulate moisture level and temperature that has a positive effect on the unnaturally dry skin and the itching this causes.

All merino wool of less than 21.5 microns, such as the woolen clothes from Lanullva, must be non-itchy and soft against the skin. Dermatologists, on the other hand, recommend that parents listen to their children if they do not want to use different types of woolen clothing. For some, the skin will be so sensitive that even fine merino wool can cause irritation.

Safe and hypoallergenic wool

All our woolen clothes are organically treated. Our collections are also marked with Safe Textiles , which means that our woolen clothes do not contain allergenic or cancer-causing substances. All our wool products are therefore safe to use.

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