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There are no warm clothes!

Lanullva Det finnes ikke varme klær

There are no warm clothes!

You've probably heard someone say - "put this on - here's a really warm sweater." Yes, you may have said so yourself?

But the truth is - clothes are not really warm in themselves. Even the "warmest" and finest wool is not warm, self if it keeps you warm! Leave the warm sweater out on the balcony for an hour on a cold winter's day, and find out for yourself. Of course, it doesn't get hot, no matter how nice it is.

It is you which is hot. Your body produces heat all the time - and the best wool sweater is the one that's best for it to take care of your warmth. The best wool sweater is the one that isolates best.

When Lanullva's own knitting method was developed, the aim was to knit as many breathing holes as possible into the wool. In addition, we create yet more air pockets by having a knotty, uneven surface on our garments - both against the skin and next to the garment - in the outer layer.

The secret behind the world's warmest knitting method is air. Our garments take better care of the air between you and the outermost layer - and that gives you a good, warm feeling.

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