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Temperature is a strange thing.

Lanullva Temperatur er merkelige greier.

Temperature is a strange thing.

Imagine that you have just put on some extra good outerwear. You stand outside on the stairs and feel the weather - ready for a walk. You just checked that it was freezing outside, but this time it feels like it much colder than you were prepared for!

But you understand why. It always feels colder than what the thermometer shows when it's windy. That's just how it is. Wind means that you cannot trust the protractor - neither the old one on the wall, nor the one you have on your mobile phone.

And just so it is said. It doesn't matter if the protractor only says minus 4, if you experiencing that it is much colder. Perhaps you are thinking "it must be at least 10 degrees Celsius right now....?" If you experiencing that it is minus 10, then minus 10 applies.

Our advice is that you go back inside and put on some different clothes. Don't take the chance that it will stop blowing. Right now you need clothes that will keep you warm in minus 10 degrees, no matter what the thermometer says.

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