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We want you to feel warm

Lanullva Vi vil du skal føle deg varm

We want you to feel warm.

The world is full of wool, but isn't it so easy to find the right combination of garments that make you feel just the right amount of warmth?

What is a good wool sweater? A jersey or shorts? Does it have to be pure wool? Merino? Smooth knit or uneven knit? Thick or thin sweater? One layer, two layers, three layers? And is it more practical with a zip, half zip or not? Is there wool that protects against insects and ticks in the summer? And - does it really matter if the sweater is gray or green?

Lanullva went from idea to knitting manufacturer because a strong-willed woman from Lyngstad - a rainy and windy place out on the Atlantic - did not accept that her husband came home sweaty and cold from farm and forest work. So she might as well have invented a special knitting method, with far more air pockets knitted into the man's sweater. And the man stopped freezing.

We use the same knitting method today, and we still go to work to keep you warm. Just warm enough.

It's about passion for using the very best wool, from sheep farmers who take good care of the sheep. 100% Merino, it doesn't get any better. It's about knitting wool garments with more breathing holes than any other, and with good, heat-regulating properties for those of you who like to be a little active.

And yes – the color plays a big role. When you put on a garment from Lanullva, you should feel just the right amount of warmth.

And very nice.

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