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Baby blanket in pure merino wool Knitted in Norway

Lanullva Babyteppe i ren merinoull Strikket i Norge

We warm generations of newborns.

For over 20 years, we have knitted baby blankets in pure merino wool in our factory in Lyngstad. For a newborn baby meeting the world for the first time, this is the gift that provides both warmth and security - for you and the baby.

Safe to use

The baby blankets from Lanullva are marked with "Safe fabrics", and this gives a guarantee that the product does not contain allergy- or cancer-causing substances. All our wool products for babies are therefore safe to use.

The wool used is from certified Nativa farms, which put animal welfare and the environment at the top of the list. You can therefore be confident that the wool used is produced in an ethically sound manner. If you want to know more about our sustainable choices, you can read more about this here .

Wool x The knitting method
Merino wool is a wonderful raw material that has completely unique properties. Did you know that merino wool is actually the only natural material that has the ability to both warm - and cool off? This is especially important for babies who have not developed the ability to regulate their own temperature like older children and adults.

Having enough air in the wool is the secret to both insulation and ventilation, and you will soon notice that a tightly knitted wool garment does not give the same effect. The baby blankets are knitted with tiny air pockets, and this helps to optimize the baby's heat balance.

Safe and warm from the start

Especially in the first days, newborns need extra closeness, and the elastic band in the blanket makes it easy to wrap the blanket around the baby. This is how you can give your baby a sense of security wherever you are.

After knitting countless baby blankets over the years, we have received many great stories from parents about how the blanket has become a child's favourite.

Here you can see one of our nice feedbacks:

"Absolutely great! Fits thick and lies close to the body without being heavy, use it at night instead of a duvet, both with and without a night bag underneath. The temperature is always right for the baby, not too hot and not cold. Extremely satisfied, really recommended.” - Gry Ræstad Johansen

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