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Sleeping outside this summer? Consider this when packing.

Lanullva Sove ute i sommer? Tenk på dette når du pakker.

Sleeping outside? Think about this

Do you dream of spending the night outside in a tent or hammock under the open sky?

We want you to have as comfortable a night as possible, and the key is warm and comfortable clothes that keep you perfectly tempered throughout the night. Remember that the temperature drops rapidly towards evening and night, so the right clothing is one of the most important things to prepare.

Wool x The knitting method = Natural temperature regulation
Having enough air in the wool is the secret to both insulation and ventilation, and you will soon notice that a tightly knitted wool garment does not give the same effect. This is what is completely unique about our wool underwear - the knitting method .

Breathable wool inside is a prerequisite for optimal heat balance throughout the night. Our thinner woolen underwear Havbris is knitted with air pockets that form insulation and ventilation, so that you are always perfectly tempered.

Once the foundation has been laid, it is easy to adjust with more layers if you need to.

When the nights get cold...
The nights are often cold and damp, and the probability is high that you need a thicker layer of breathable wool on your body. We recommend that you have a Hustadvika wool jumper and wool trousers readily available.

This helps you quickly get a good warm-up when your body temperature drops.

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