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That's why you should wear wool this summer

Lanullva Derfor bør du bruke ull i sommer

Wool in the heat?

Do you associate wool with cold days and long Norwegian winters? It just has to stop.

Wool has some completely invincible properties that trump everything else - even when the plus degrees have arrived in full force.

Even though wool garments warm well, you will still not experience overheating during the summer - precisely because our thinner and lighter wool garments have fantastic breathability, which means that you both cool down and the garment feels cool.

For long mountain hikes with varied weather conditions and different levels of activity, you will soon notice Ulla's unique abilities. If you use wool directly on the body, excess heat will be transported out much faster. Wool also dries much faster because sweat is absorbed. It simply means that sweat does not remain on the skin and make you cold when the pulse has calmed down. It is therefore much easier to maintain a good and comfortable temperature throughout the trip.

By nature - for nature

Wool is also a natural raw material that makes itself resistant to bacteria. Then it takes a long time to air the garment after use. A big plus is that you don't need to pack so much in your bag when you go out on short or longer trips. Pack light, smart and efficient. Good trip!
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