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Eilif Collection - 100% Norwegian wool

Lanullva Eilif Kolleksjon - 100% Norsk ull

100% short-staple wool from Hustadvika - new in autumn 2021.

He was the farmer who loved animals and who appreciated the simple things in life. A solid and handy workman of the few, and who got his wife to knit the first wool sweater that became the foundation of Lanullva's origin. The story of Lanullva is, after all, based on this unique knitting technique that Brit invented, so that her husband - Eilif Bernard Lyngstad, would not freeze when he worked out on the farm and in the forest.

The first wool sweater was the ultimate work garment for Eilif, and now the time is ripe to continue the story. We are doing this by launching a new collection - which we have just chosen to call Eilif. The values ​​of Eilif have been passed down, and are incorporated into all elements of the sweater. Uncompromising, real and honest, with a great respect for animals. This has helped shape a utility garment as much as a sweater like you will use it.

But perhaps the most important thing, a sweater that you only need one copy of.


To make the jumper, we have focused on short-staple quality wool. We have sourced wool from various farms in our municipality - from sheep that graze outside in the tough and weather-resistant Hustadvika municipality in Møre og Romsdal. Right by the infamous stretch of sea with the same name. Animals that are surrounded by salt water and harsh weather - perhaps the best starting point for making a sweater that is adapted to the Nordic climate. All materials are obtained from nature. The logo is made of fish skin, the markings on the garments are made of kapok - a natural fiber from kapok trees.

This is the wool sweater that will be used, used again, and which should preferably be passed down. Work jumper. Cozy sweaters. Terrace jumper. Cabin jumper. Fingers. Wool sweater.

When you hold the wool sweater, you will feel it. A weight that indicates the real thing. When you wear it – a warmth that never fails.

Wool is the raw material that never expires. Now it's our turn to show you our version of a solid Norwegian wool sweater. We hope you like and will use the wool sweater as much as we already do.


The two colors the collection comes in - Gr ønnbakken and Gr åstein , are timeless and toned down variations of warm gray and dark moss green, and we were inspired by the family history when the names were chosen.

Grønnbakken is the Vinje Lyngstad family's parcel of land at Lyngstad in the agricultural and coastal municipality of Hustadvika. As the eldest and head of the family, Eilif was responsible for cultivating the land after he took over the farm from his father Trygve.

All Eilif saw was gray stone, but with hard work over many years - and with the help of eager children - gray stone was picked meter by meter, with countless hours behind a tractor trailer for Grønnbakken to finally see the light of day.

Over the years, the family has developed a relationship with Grønnbakken - and we still remember Eilif standing there in a wool sweater and top hat, looking at the forest and the resources found there. The barn must of course be filled with firewood for the long autumn and winter season at Lyngstad.

And not only that. Creative play outside and valuable childhood memories were created for the rest of us. Little did we know that several years later this would lay the foundation for the Eilif collection.

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