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Animal welfare without compromise

Lanullva Dyrevelferd uten kompromisser

Animal welfare without compromise!

Heat-regulating wool has become one of the world's most popular raw materials, and the finest wool with the most comfortable and softest fibers - is Merino.

At Lanullva, we only use the best of the best, and we follow the quality and work with the Merino sheep all the way back to each and every sheep farmer. Whether the farm is on the great plains of Uruguay, or up in the fantastic mountains of Argentina.

It is no secret that a number of wool producers around the world have a questionable relationship with animal welfare. Mulesing is an example of an effective and profitable intervention to protect the sheep against parasites and insects. It is painful and has nothing to do with good animal welfare.

Lanullva says no to farmers and other wool producers who do this, and who do not take good care of their sheep. This is the reason why we cooperate 100% with Nativa®, which follows the world's strictest rules in terms of animal welfare, working conditions for employees on the farms, registration of all data - and ethical trading.

When you buy a wool sweater, it is not easy to understand which working conditions apply on the farm where the wool comes from. After all, you can't travel to the other side of the planet to check. Regardless - when you choose a garment from Lanullva, you should know that we have been there. And we are watching closely.

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