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100% traceable wool.

Lanullva 100% sporbar ull.

100% traceable wool!

Right from the farm to you.

Nativa has its own protocol that goes further than any other, when it comes to quality and certification of farms, management of nature, and animal welfare.
We love the collaboration with Nativa and "our" merino farmers in Uruguay!

We have been there, in this soft and beautiful landscape, and seen it ourselves. Not only are they kind to animals, plants and the surrounding nature - they also use advanced Blockchain technology to record everything they do during work.

The result is 100% traceability, from grazing to grooming, cutting, knitting and transport - to us and on to you. During 2021, all new Lanullva garments will be knitted with the world's finest Nativa merino wool, from the world's best and most satisfied sheep.

"Back to nature is the future" , said a proud sheep farmer to Gunn Anne. Thank you for coming along on the journey with us.

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