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How to avoid unnecessary wear and tear

Important tips when using Lanullva products:

Remember to buy the Lanullva products so that they sit close to the body, the products are knitted in an elastic knitting pattern and the garment will therefore give way and become a little longer. You also achieve the best function by the garment being close to the body.

Be careful with sharp objects. Velcro and zippers, which can damage the airy elastic.

If you are unlucky and pull out a thread in the garment, carefully pull it back in by grasping the thread from the back of the garment.

Wool is by nature a sensitive material. Friction when using e.g. a rucksack can damage the wool fibres, so wear a protective garment over it.

The Lanullva products have a unique knitting method. The airy knit provides good warmth, transports sweat away and you achieve good temperature regulation. Our recommendation is therefore to wear the woolen garment on the inside against the skin. This also applies to our wool garments from the thick collection. Should you wish to build two layers of wool on the coldest days, we recommend the two-layer principle of starting the innermost layer with products from the thin Lett & Luftig collection and building on with the thick wool jumper.

Pulling of wool garments occurs because wool is a natural material and consists of long and soft fibers so that the garment is soft against the skin.

Wool can fray when static electricity occurs, which increases the chance of fraying. Static electricity occurs when something organic rubs against something inorganic. For example, when a natural material rubs against a synthetic material.

Therefore, we recommend that you use our products directly on the body, preferably with something over it, so that you keep the Lanullva garments for as long as possible.

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