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Where does your wool sweater come from?

Lanullva Hvor kommer ullgenseren din fra?

Do you know where your wool sweater comes from?

For almost a year we have been talking about our Nativa certification, but what does it really mean? To explain it, we have three steps our wool goes through before it can be knitted into the world's warmest wool clothing.

La Magdalena, Uruguay

Our merino sheep graze on large and open plains in Uruguay, on the farm La Magdalena.

Uruguay is also the first South American country to have a protocol that safeguards animal welfare.

To be a Nativa certified farm, there are strict protocols that must be followed. There is a high standard of animal welfare, how the land is cared for and how the workers feel. Las Magdalena is a family-run farm with 36,000 merino sheep that receive first-class care and attention.

Lana's Trinidad

Ulla is cut and sent to Lana's Trinidad.

Where the wool is sorted, washed and washed in a sustainable way in harmony with nature.

Lanas Trinidad leaves as little of a footprint as possible, something they have received numerous awards for and which has also earned them Nativa certification. They are also GOTS (Organic Textiles) and RWS certified. (Responsible wool standard) In Uruguay, mulesing is also prohibited!

Schoeller Textile, Austria

Finished tub yarn is sent to Scholler. A 100-year-old spinning mill in Austria.

We have worked closely with Scholler for over 20 years and are so happy that their focus is premium wool quality, good working conditions and ethical responsibility.

They have become bluesign ® approved, which stands for textiles without harmful substances, environmentally friendly production and limited use of resources.

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