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Trefeller and Lanullva user - Read Jostein's reviews

Lanullva Trefeller og Lanullva-bruker - Les Jostein sine vurderinger

Jostein tests Lanullva woolen clothes


As described, I have used the woolen cloth now over a longer period. In Nordmøre, it is not difficult to find varied weather in any case. The wool has been worn directly on the skin.

Typical everyday use for me has been out on forestry work and in my permanent job at Hustadmarmor, where there are large temperature fluctuations inside the factory. I have been out a lot on forestry work during the period. In terms of temperature, it has been from -5 degrees to +10 degrees. The weather has varied from glorious sunshine to overcast, rain and sleet. In case of rain and sleet, as well as a lot of wind, I have used an all-weather jacket outside.

Inside Hustadmarmor, I have mostly been indoors, but you can experience very large temperature differences on the various floors of the factory. In the most extreme cases, we are talking about a 30 degree difference in temperature.

It is very comfortable to wear woolen clothes in everyday life, both for work and in private. Especially when working outside in all kinds of weather. It warms very well, although you can get both sweaty and wet. The only challenge is that the thick version can feel hot during physically hard work combined with high temperatures (+6 degrees and above). Even with a lot of wind and low temperatures, sweaters can feel a little "cold". This can be solved by wearing a windbreaker/all-weather jacket outside! A particularly positive thing is that you don't get so cold if your clothes get wet, or if you've had a hard session and become sweaty.

Using the sweater for forestry work can also present a bit of a challenge in terms of wear. There are many branches that are in contact with the body and can tear up threads. The area around the elbow in particular stands out as a "weak point". But otherwise it feels like it can withstand a lot of stress. Using Lanullva directly on the body feels very comfortable and does not cause itching. In the past, I have always worn a t-shirt underneath. In this test, I wore the woolen clothes directly on my body, which resulted in the clothes feeling much warmer.

The products Lanullva supplies are something I have recommended to others for a long time. After this test, there will in any case be no less recommendations

Jostein Haga
Haga Trefelling

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