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Woolen clothes tested by a kindergarten employee - Read what Nina thinks

Lanullva Ulltøy testet av barnehageansatt - Les hva Nina synes

Nina tests Lanullva at work

I work in an open-air kindergarten as an educational leader, and have a 4-year-old son who also attends this kindergarten. We spend a lot of time outside, both through work and leisure. We like to go on trips, sleep outside and go skiing. I have used Lanullva every day at work, and on trips in my spare time. Used in Helgeland and on the high mountain in Finse. Weather ranging from -10 to +5 degrees, snow, rain, storm and occasionally sun.

I have used Lanullva almost daily for several years, and only wear wool trousers under shell trousers, on the upper body I have a thin intermediate layer jacket between the sweater and shell jacket. Got a new everyday life at work after I got the wool trousers, the only thing that keeps me warm. As I said, I have used Hustadvika for several years, and it is both nice and warm, timeless design with cool colours. This model does not itch and is comfortable to use directly on the skin. It feels warmer to wear directly on the skin than to wear a regular woolen sweater/stillongs underneath.

I recommend Lanullva

Have recommended Lanullva to many, both through work and privately, so all colleagues and immediate family already own this collection.

Viljar, aged 4, has also used these products since he was born, incidentally the first garment bought for him. He wears Hustadvika under a suit in winter, under rain gear and alone on nicer days. The first time we have tested the jacket, and we are both very satisfied, I think we will continue to buy this model rather than the jumper as it is easy to put on. Viljar has several sets, so he uses this both at home and in the nursery.

This is the first time the man has tested Lanullva, and he notices a big difference between before and after lanullva. He wears both a jumper and trousers when they organize the ski cup, it's always cold there but he stays warm, and brags about these woolen clothes.

Nina Myrlund

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