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Wool jumper tested by dog ​​walkers - Read what Emilie thinks

Lanullva Ullgenser testet av hundekjører - Les hva Emilie synes

Wool set tested by Emilie

My name is Emilie Dahlman, I am 25 years old and live in Alta. On a daily basis, I work as an aquaculture facilitator/guide at an aquaculture viewing center in the center of Alta, and I spend my free time outdoors with my dog! I myself have two huskies aged 13 and 6 - and in addition have 36 huskies as my nearest neighbor (Maria and Roy's kennel, Team Horisont). When I'm not hiking with my own dogs, I spend a lot of time with Roy and Maria's young dogs, teaching them to be good draft dogs. I am also interested in photography, and my camera is always with me on trips. I am active on Instagram under @ingenkake

In water, on a summit trip and a tent trip

My Hustadvika wool set has been involved in many different things, both at work and in leisure. I have used it at work indoors, as well as taking it with me to Safety Courses for seafarers, where I used it under a survival suit when we had practical exercises at sea. I was good and warm despite the water being about 5 degrees! The set has also been with me on lots of trips in my spare time, in varying temperatures and intensities.

I've worn it when I've gone hiking with my dogs, in about -10 degrees and windy. Then I was almost too hot, especially on my legs! I have also used it when I have driven dog sleds with the young dogs, on shorter and longer trips, in everything from -5 to -20 degrees. When driving a dog sled, the activity level is often relatively low, and it is then important to have good, warm woolen underwear.

I have also taken the young dogs on an overnight trip, where the temperature dropped to well below -20 degrees at night. We slept under the open sky, and I only used the Hustadvika set in the sleeping bag, and was nice and warm all night. In other words - the Hustadvika set has been tested in many different conditions, and is approved!

The Lanullva products are definitely something I can recommend to others! I will continue to live in my Hustadvika set until it wears out!

With best regards
Emilie Dahlman

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