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Lanullva wool underwear - choose the very best

Lanullva Lanullva ullundertøy - velg det aller beste

Regardless of the intensity - choose woolen underwear that breathes, feels comfortable and regulates the temperature without you feeling clammy and sweaty.

Did you know that no other natural fiber can compare to wool? Wool has many valuable utility properties. Wool is known for providing a warming effect, absorbing moisture and protecting against UV radiation. The more air the garment contains, the better its insulation and breathability.

As soon as we move, our bodies produce moisture and heat. Wool absorbs this moisture without dissipating heat and without feeling wet.

So the question really is - how can we improve and utilize wool's already good properties?

This is precisely where Lanullva stands out from others - the knitting technique . It ensures more air in the masks. The effect of this is better insulation, because it is precisely the air that heats. In this sense, Lanullva is invincible when it's really cold. But air in the garment improves also the ventilation properties, because excess heat is transported out much more quickly. This is what we call optimal heat balance.

Functional wool clothing with top-class merino wool - combined with a technique that provides top insulating properties and maximum breathability. Choose a garment from the Havbris collection the next time you go out. Whether it's 15 minus or 15 plus degrees - Lanullva wool underwear is made for the whole year.

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