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Merino and Tencel® – Our most environmentally friendly materials

Lanullva Merino og Tencel® – Våre mest miljøvennlige materialer

Tencel® – What is it?

Tencel® is one of our most environmentally friendly textile materials and is 100% degradable. The material comes straight from nature and is extracted from FSC®-certified cellulose from sustainable forestry.

- Tencel® has many of the same good properties as wool, and clothes made in Tencel® are soft, durable, hold the fit well and carry moisture away from the skin

In addition, Tencel® is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Since the material breathes well and transports moisture away from the skin, it is therefore a good alternative for those who want more environmentally friendly training and everyday clothing, where cotton and polyester are the most common to find.

Tencel® is produced from Eucalyptus trees. The production is FSC certified, which guarantees sustainable forestry. Trees used in production are replaced, and raw material production itself consumes CO2 and produces oxygen.

Tencel® is the registered trademark of lyocell, and is owned by the Austrian company Lenzing. Tencel® Lyocell fibers are produced from wood pulp from sustainable sources, and are a renewable resource. All lyocell fibers that follow the Tencel® standard have been certified by Belgium's certification company Vinçotte as biodegradable and compostable. All trees used by Lenzing for the production of Tencel® Lyocell fibers come from sustainable forest plantations that have either FSC® or PEFC ™ certification.

Forestry takes place in areas that are not suitable for arable land and thus does not come into conflict with food production.

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