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Tough mountain girl refuses to freeze

Lanullva Tøff fjelljente nekter å fryse

Oda | Our newest Lanullva ambassador

- I always have to be warm. No matter how cold it is. - Oda Ramsdal

Perhaps you have noticed that we have been posting some scenic photos recently from our newest ambassador, Oda? This is the mountain girl with a capital F, and who uses almost every opportunity to get out.

And you, did we also mention that she has trudged across half of Norway, and completed the Femundløpet?

Who is Oda?

Oda loves storytelling in all forms and shapes: photography, stories, design and video. Preferably in combination. She is a trained graphic designer from Westerdal's Oslo ACT.

A childhood full of mountains, forests and seas has resulted in an eternal attraction to nature experiences. This has laid the foundation for solo tours such as Oslo-Bergen and Norway along the way. In addition to long trips with a large pack, dog sledding is a great passion, and after four years on the sled, the dream of the Femund race came true.

Planning new trips is always swirling around in the back of your mind and the list of new adventures is long. Her depictions of small and large moments that are only discovered when you are close to nature's landscape - are wonderful and inspiring reading. We look forward to following Oda further! Check out her insta profile here if you want to be as inspired by her as we are!

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